1. Donʼt be a jerk.
  2. We reserve the right to delete anything we want at any time, for any reason. Back up your stuff.
    • (Or help us pay for the disk space. Or self-host your own content; most of our services are federated anyway.)
    • When I say “for any reason”, I mean I have a history of accidentally corrupting entire filesystems in the name of science.
  3. The Cloud is just someone elseʼs computer. If law enforcement comes to us because you canʼt behave, weʼll cooperate as long as itʼs ethical.
    • That means you should be encrypting stuff client-side if you don't want the FBI or Interpol or whoever to see it.
    • This server is hosted in the EU, and the owner is in the US. Other law-enforcement people should contact root@kitty.systems and theyʼll decide what to give you, if anything. If you provide evidence of a crime, theyʼll hand over everything they have related to the user(s) involved and optionally ban them.

A small server for people who like cats and/or privacy.