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Schrödinger's Shitpost: everything I type is a shitpost but also completely serious.

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Physics gets a lot more interesting when you add more physics.

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Entropy is a cruel mistress, but I could ask for none better. We're nothing without nothing. 💖

I like video games like because they allow me to fulfil my fantasy of knowing what I am doing and talking to friends.

look, if a being some ten times my height took an interest in me by way of looming near my house and throwing things i needed at / to me, i don’t think i would handle it with the grace that crows do

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what if we took a brute-force approach to chemistry and just tried to mix everything with everything else?

If I were a chemical, I would be silver fulminate.

It is pretty, it sounds valuable, and it could be dangerous if handled improperly. Its main purpose is usually harmless and mildly annoying. Most importantly, however, it will self-destruct in a spectacular fashion under its own weight.

Most of life's great questions can be answered with "why not?"

We are, of course, never satisfied with that answer and so we make our own. Our answers may not be entirely true, but they are certainly entertaining.

The whole concept of existence is bizarre, but I always love a good mystery to solve! 🔎

Oh, to be a speck of dust, drifting through the seemingly-endless expanse of space along with my kin, as strange chemical reactions absorb the light we reflect and say "look at that pretty nebula" and feel happy.

Especially as I have nothing to talk about.
Not that that ever stopped me.

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I like this web site because I can say I am a human of the female persuasion without a single person DM'ing me to be creepy.

Whoever decided we should sound the tornado sirens every time there is any inclement weather at all... stop.

My heart can't take much more.

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Tornadoes are fascinating but please keep them away from me as I happen to be terrified of them. Thank you.

Spilled something? Darn, you just scienced your drink and now it's sciencing the carpet.

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