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Meanwhile, in Maryland, a public safety alert that i can't write an image description for because it would be really screenreader unfriendly

Warning: if you interact with this post, I will send you a hug.

Also be sure to remind her that while I may be a dork, she's the one who decided to marry a dork

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Chapter 2 is up!

Sorry I rushed things in this chapter. I'll probably go back and lengthen it at some point; split it apart into separate chapters with a bit of filler.

For now, though, I just want the plot to move forward.


But then my philosophy is a short, good life is better than a long, bad life

A long, good life is the best of all though

I'd just rather be hungry than be alone if that makes sense

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Talking to someone like @alexandria feels more integral to the human experience than eating or drinking

That whole hierarchy of needs thing might be upside-down

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I genuinely believe having friends is the most important thing in life

Someday I'll be a bestselling author

Then you'll see

You'll all see

I'll use my fame to announce a sequel to my book and everyone will be super hyped and I'll wait 3 months and release a 1-page book that just says "BUTTS" in the fanciest font I know of (MS Abigail)

"Can this monitor show 4k at 60 FPS?" I ask, before plugging it into a VGA←HDMI adaptor connected to my trusty 2008 HP MediaCenter with 512 MB of RAM, a 300MHz single-core CPU, and Windows Vista

"Does this monitor support 4k," I ask, fully aware that I will never display anything higher than 800x600 on it

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