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"Does this monitor support 4k," I ask, fully aware that I will never display anything higher than 800x600 on it

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Using a $200 FHD+ OLED screen to display a terminal because what else is a screen for?

I gotta say, the 8x8 monospaced font looks wonderfully crisp, and I appreciate how little electricity it uses, but this seems excessive.

It is 2020 and they have not yet made a pair of glasses that translate all text you look at to your language and display it over the original text.

I want Google Lens on my glasses, not some MP3 player or SMS notifications.

I wanna look at a plant and go "ah yes, this is an Asiatic Dayflower; very pretty".

I wanna walk into a fancy restaurant and understand what the menus say.

The biggest Discord server would probably be the one specifically for trans girls named Holly

Your friend comes out to you as an Otherworldly Being and offers to make a pact with you. Do you accept?

Always says please and thank you to your digital assistant. They might have feelings too, and they're trying their best.

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Anyone else say thank you to {Bixby,Google,Alexa,Siri,Cortana} when they do what you ask or am I anthropomorphizing the robots too much?


Everyone was pretending Thanksgiving didn't exist and going straight from Halloween to Christmas but then this pandemic hits and suddenly the news is all about Thanksgiving and how to do it safely

That's kind of ironic?

one of the fun parts of exploring old flash games is finding all these old games with like, amazing fucking art

love this stuff

Questions to ask about your infinite scroll / things that suck about infinite scroll

* can you navigate to the footer?
* can you use control/command f to locate elements on the “page”
* can you bookmark what you’re looking at
* does the URL automatically update to reflect the content you are looking at
* can you share what you’re looking at by copying and pasting the URL in the address bar?



medical, singing about suppositories for some reason 

We're gonna solve a mystery
And maybe rewrite history

Another word that didn't originate from an acronym: SPAM is "SPiced hAM"

Although as Hormel itself remade it into an acronym recently, this whole post is irrelevant

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