Chapter 1 is rewritten. I only changed 19 lines and now the entirety of Chapter 2 has to go.

It's better now though.

Chapter 2 is up!

Sorry I rushed things in this chapter. I'll probably go back and lengthen it at some point; split it apart into separate chapters with a bit of filler.

For now, though, I just want the plot to move forward.

is fun because I'll write a chapter and then go back and decide that instead of being a creepy girl, Saoirse should harbor the soul of a fallen god and be extremely powerful but completely uninterested in using said power and there's nothing stopping me from just rewriting the chapter to make that canon

If anyone actually reads the stuff I'm , please let me know.
Also, criticism is welcome.

Very happy to report that I looked at a book and my stories look like a book and the dialogue is actually normalish.

And I am not the only person who uses asterisms in the 21st century.

I'll still probably go back and rewrite things as I get better at this but for now I'm doing good, and the rewrites will mainly just be to describe scenery.

a book set in a hopeful fantasy world centered on overthrowing an empire and saving a utopia

While simultaneously writing a sequel set 50,000 years in the future which is super cyberpunk and dystopian where the main character is the daughter of the other book's main character

Because I can.

I rewrote Chapter 1: Forbidden Talents.

It is now Chapter 1: The Deep End; I split it in half and added more stuff:

This chapter is a 7–10 minute read and I have rewritten it several times, but this should hopefully be the last time.

I may add more to it in the future but if I keep messing with it I'll never get anything done!

I'll be rewriting chapter 1 again

I'm not changing stuff so much as adding more


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