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The thing about Anime Avatars™ is that I feel more comfortable interacting with them than pictures of actual human faces

I have never looked at an anime character and felt threatened; the same cannot be said of selfies

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Hey if I boost something from a bigoted edgy memelord let me know I don't have the mental strength to check people's post histories before boosting cute/funny stuff I see

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According to the Infinite Monkey Typewriter Theory, I should be capable of doing something productive eventually, provided I continue to indulge every intrusive thought that enters my tiny head as I lazily meander down the road that is Life

I've decided self-hosting Mastodon is too much of a hassle, as I dislike the language it is written in and would prefer not to keep the whole toolchain on my server

Does anyone have any suggestions for instances to move to?

I have previously been on mastodon.{social,online} but apparently that's Bad, Actually

Lifehack: if you buy a refrigerator, you can put all your food in there and it's way cheaper than keeping your AC running non-stop!

A bunch of grown adults are gonna walk into their job to meet their new boss and I'm gonna be sitting there like "hi I don't know what I'm doing here but please bring me your quarterly reports"

It's okay to be in over your head. That's one of the fastest ways to teach yourself to swim.

Just make sure the people around you know, and are not relying on you.

Good: doing a coding competition even though you don't know the language, just to see how far you can get

Bad: Getting hired for a job you have no qualifications for whatsoever, planning to learn as you do it

Guess which one I'm doing 🙃

I passed the aptitude test though which means I might not actually be in danger of drowning


if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day

a day in which it's far easier to teach him how to fish because he's not fucking starving to death

We need a 🤗 emoji but less happy and more like "that sucks, friend, I hope things improve soon"

Okay so Arabic is a beautiful language but I think it's best if I don't try to learn to read it because my eyes already hurt from jumping forward and backward


@melerva to read that your eye jumps back and forth, and it kind of doesn't work across line breaks and it's generally pretty messy. for what it's worth Arabic numbers are written left to right despite the rest of the language being written right to left, so people are used to their eyes jumping back and forth a little bit.

@melerva that said, there are situations where people will typeset Latin names in the middle of a run of Arabic text, usually for proper names, but this isn't really "correct" it's more of a shorthand and a concession to the fact that the reader is likely proficient enough in a Latin language to be able to sound out the names. notably, this doesn't happen in the reverse, which is a testament to the hegemony of the Latin alphabet. this is a screenshot from the Arabic Wikipedia article on NASA.

Although this post was mainly meant as a jab against Facebook, here's Amazon and MS to round out the pack:

Cons: treats massive number of workers like expendable robots, slowly destroying all competition in the "everything" industry, AWS is an overpriced hot mess that somehow makes them all the money
Pros: They aren't kidding about the whole "customer obsession" thing

Cons: Has too many sins to count due to long history
Pros: Helps keep the relatively open PC platform popular

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Chapter 1 is rewritten. I only changed 19 lines and now the entirety of Chapter 2 has to go.

It's better now though.

Continuing to call javascript ECMAscript until someone on the ECMA committee explains the difference to me

Your friend comes out to you as an Otherworldly Being and offers to make a pact with you. Do you accept?

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